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Lifeharm Globals New and Improved Compensation Plan 2014

LPGN Compensation Plan and the enhancements they will be implementing on March 1, 2014

Weekly Earning Opportunities

• Retail Profit
• Fast Start Bonus
• Break Even Bonus
• Matrix Bonus
• Matrix Match Bonus
• Coded Bonus
• Coded Match Bonus

Monthly Earning Opportunities

• Leadership Match Bonus
• Global Bonus Pool

There is no personal purchase of product necessary to be an LPGN IBO.
Start your OWN LPGN business by purchasing the $29.95 Business Success Starter Kit* receive:
• Your own Replicated LPGN Website
• LPGN IBO Virtual Office to manage your LPGN Business
• 90-Day subscription to the LPGN VIP Training

Print out a PDF of LifePharm Globals Opportunity

Listen to the details on the enhancements
Summary of the details of LPGN comp plan





For IBOs at Builder and Leader status, reach 20,000 CV in Team Generation Volume in a given month and earn an extra 2% from your team’s total volume. Premier status receives 5% monthly. You earn up to a 5% bonus of your total Generation Leg Volume up until any individual generational leg reaches a monthly total of 20,000 CV or more.  Once any of your generation legs hit 20,000 CV or more, that generation leg breaks away and you become eligible for either the Leadership Match Bonus or share(s) in the Global Pool.

The Leadership Match Bonus, on top of the current Leadership Bonus, is available only to IBOs who are not in the Global Pool (See Global Pool Bonus for more details). When your 1st generation leg breaks away at 20,000 CV, you will receive a 100% match on the Leadership Bonus earned from your second highest generation leg volume. The Leadership Bonus and Leadership Match Bonus combined will not exceed $1000 on your second highest generation leg. Once you have your 2nd highest generation leg break away at 20,000 CV, you will no longer earn any Leadership Match Bonus, but will transition over to earning shares in the Global Pool Bonus.



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