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Read about FGF in Laminine (Young Tissue Extract (YTE))

Young Tissue Extract (YTE) is a powdered protein derived from extract of healthy, pre-embryonic fertilized hen eggs that has been clinically proven to provide a great fourfold benefit to human health


What does wikipedia say about FGF?


How is the FGF in Laminine helpful to humans?

The precise blend of oligopeptides may be seen as building blocks, without a bridge, or a director.  The role of such a director is fulfilled by a growth factor known as the Fibroblast Growth Factor, or FGF. FGF is prolific in PESE, as well as in the human placenta. Discovered in the seventies, A detailed day-by-day study was performed in 1988.

  • FGF is critical in the development of embryos, including humans. However, it is not found to be circulating in the human adult bodies.

  • FGF is responsible for building the linings in the blood vessels, creating the infrastructure for the nutrients to flow to critical areas of the brain and organs.

  • Research credits FGF with the potential to directly affect many neuro disorders because of clear results of the ability of FGF to affect the growth of neurites. Neurites are signal senders (Axons) and signal receivers (dendrites) attached to the brain neurons.

  • Research has also shown clearly that new cell cultures show a dramatic increase in peptide and amino acid uptake in the presence of FGF. This result gives credence to the hypothesis that embryonic growth is influenced by a very precise mechanism, which combines unique combinations of amino acids, peptides and FGF.

    Since FGF is not circulating in adults, multiple research projects on the effects of FGF serums to cure neuro disorders have been carried out. Fundamental to the research is the fact discovered by Altman, J. in 1962 that neural STEM cells are formed by the body in response to abnormalities, and are resident in certain zones of the brain. The brain is therefore ready to repair the damage, and these cells have shown to differentiate into a wide range of neurons. Neurons derived from such neural stem cells are capable of migrating to various regions of the Central Nervous System.


Have you ever wondered how a child physically develops at a dramatic rate? How a young person can exert so much energy and recover almost instantly? Do you also wonder how a child is able to pick up languages so quickly and how they can remember the slightest things?
The answer lies in a compound that is essential in supporting embryonic development called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). While FGF is readily available in the human placenta, its availability diminishes over time, and essentially vanishes as we age.


Our body by itself is incapable of producing its own FGF, which it must derive from the food supply. Until now…
All-Natural Laminine is believed to be the only other known source of FGF in adults.

Research credits FGF with improving neuron functions in your brain, increasing amino acids and peptides in your cells and assigning the proper stem cells to restore your body’s organs back to their original state. In layman terms, FGF reprograms adult stem cells and amino acids in your body, which make up your natural repair tools, to travel to the areas that need it the most. Once there, these repair tools have the ability to integrate themselves with that particular body part. Their mission then becomes to repair and regenerate the cells and tissue in that location, wherever it is in the body.
As long as the FGF is there, our body’s repair mechanisms can be instructed to facilitate in the repair of whatever part of our body that needs the most rehabilitation. This explains why Laminine has demonstrated a wide range of benefits for different people in varying parts of the body.

A patented process extracts the critical nutritional fluid from the white of an egg at the protoembryonic stage, so we called it ProtoEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE). The extract not only provided a mechanism of rapid transport of very critical nutrients, but also contained Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor, which is most probably responsible for the amino acids and peptides to be utilized in the right manner, by “directing” their correct use by the body. The growth factor is also responsible for nurturing the body’s own stem cells both differentiated, and undifferentiated. Common amino acid formulations do not contain this growth factor, and may not be utilized by the brain in the most efficient manner. Having a perfectly balanced, natural, transport mechanism, with a strong “director” (PESE), the added amino acids will not only find their way to the right areas of the body, but will be guided properly to perform their function efficiently. Added to the PESE are the amino acids most critical for the health of your skin, hair, memory function, cardiovascular health and restoration of energy, from natural plant protein and marine protein. These ingredients from land, sea, and sky combine to form the powerful symbiotic relationship of our base ingredient in Laminine, which we call OPT9.

The Complex Human Body
The human body is a complex mechanism operated with millions of interdependent messages and functions happening at any given time. Efforts to understand these functions are constantly producing new and exciting information to help us “fight” the consequences of aging. At the very least, most people desire a healthy life, regardless of the length.
It is no secret that important hormones for essential bodily and mental functions are secreted and regulated from major organs due to the signals originating within our brain. In a perfect world of exact diets and nutrition, the brain would get the stimuli from foods, our environment and other sensory inputs, and order the appropriate organs to secrete and regulate the hormones, enzymes, and other chemicals required for bodily and mental functions. Unfortunately, this is far from the scenario in the real world. Our modern life puts immense amounts of stress on our brains and bodies and we certainly recognize the effects. The imbalances created by these factors manifest themselves in the form of depression, fatigue, memory loss, etc.
Compounding the effects from stress and physical activity, is our increasing consumption of harmful chemicals either by simply breathing the air around us, or by succumbing to the convenience of preserved foods, mass-produced meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. The impacts of the dietary changes from our choices are not completely understood, but more and more is being discovered every day. Examples can include use of flavor enhancers and artificial sweeteners, which upset the balance of the amino acids responsible for exciting neurons in our brain. While commercially successful, these products have a profound effect on the long term functioning of the brain and produce negative effects on our bodies.


Here are some ways how Laminine may be benefit to you:

  • Helps to regulate the adrenal hormones to enhance tissue function, including muscle, skin, GI, vascular, nerve and immune system functions.

  • Shown to positively influence lipid metabolism, protein anabolism, and memory, as well as many other physical and mental functions.

  • Helps to stimulate natural DHEA and testosterone production, reduces physical and mental stress, burns fat, promotes more restful sleep, and increases libido.

  • Helps modulate the body’s level of testosterone. Helps suppress the body’s level of cortisol, the stress hormone. When stress level decline, we not only feel more relaxed and sleep better, but also experience improved overall health.

  • Addresses the unhealthy disparity of stress levels directly and assists the body in regaining its normal stress hormone balance in a safe, gentle and completely natural way.

  • Used as an energy and stamina supplement.

  • Laminine is ideal for people who face both daily physical and mental challenges, Laminine also has been shown to provide  positive effects on physical activities including a quicker recovery after a hard work out. It promotes muscle tone and strength, effectively improving energy levels and increasing stamina.

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